Calabrian Chili Pepper

A new line is born at Facino's: "Peccati di Calabria". It is dedicated to the most representative, well-known and appreciated product of our region: the chili pepper.

As red as fire, as fragrant as the earth, as bold as the men who populate it, the chili pepper of Calabria is a true icon, a symbol of Calabrian culture throughout the world. Its versatility makes it a protagonist in both simple and complex dishes, from pizzas to salads, from cured meats to sauces. Even in desserts, Calabrian chili pepper manages to stand out and give life to unique flavors. “Peccati di Calabria” is a line that aims to offer chili in every form and role. It can be enjoyed whole, sliced or chopped, preserving its original flavor, or married with other vegetables, as we do in “bomba calabrese,” our sauce par excellence. Even dried and powdered, Calabrian chili peppers retain their soul and performance in the kitchen. Arriving from America, it immediately found fertile ground in Calabria, taking on unique connotations over the course of more than 500 years. Today we are the ones who carry on its history and strive to make it the star of every cuisine in the world.

A spiciness that will never be equaled. A sin that ignites the soul.


Calabria is chili. It is the symbol, rooted in culture, traditions and flavors. It is the red thread that has connecting this land to its people for centuries. For Calabrian people, chili is everywhere and it is good, everywhere.


Pipareddru, Diavulicchiiu, Cerasella. These are some of the names and varieties of Calabrian chili peppers, born in dialect form and handed down, over the centuries, from generation to generation. Thin and elongated, slightly curved or small and round like cherries.
All different, but all Calabrian. Many names for one soul.