“Facino Specialità Gastronomiche” was born in the heart of Calabria, in Crotone, a land of history and tradition. A town overlooking the Ionian Sea, within the Marine Protected Area of Capo Rizzuto, included in the scenery of the Capocolonna promontory. Our story begins in 2002, when Francesco decided to pursue the dream of improving our land and promoting our cuisine, integrating quality with an innovative mentality. Today that dream is the goal of an entire enterprise, which manages to infuse Calabria into each of its products.


We know that we are part of a culinary history that was written by our grandmothers, our farmers and all those who found an identity in our recipes. Today we are the ones who keep writing this history, putting the same care and attention in our products as in the past, but with the imprint of the future. A constant monitoring of our supply chain and a state-of-the-art technological equipment allow us to offer a unique product of the highest quality. Our plants are equipped with the most modern machinery of Industry 4.0, which allows us to maintain absolute control over the processing of raw materials, zeroing the risk of alterations in processes, achieving continuity in results. In this way we ensure that our products are always faithful to the recipes of our tradition.
Moreover, the constant diagnostics of 4.0 machinery allows us to prevent problems and malfunctions that would slow down production, which in this way remains safe and continuous.
Eating healthy and tasty is a today’s challenge, that we overcame long time ago.


To put the history of a land on the table, it is essential to select the best raw materials. Calabria guards an extremely rich and unique biodiversity. Our seas embrace our mountains and together they give us unique products, such as our chili peppers. We have learned to choose them and grow them, and today we have achieved quality standards that allow us to process only the best. Thanks to our collaboration with the Consortium of Producers of Chilli of Calabria, we are in fact able to purchase seedlings from the best selected nurseries in Calabria, ensuring that we have the experience of those who work, not only to enhance the material, but to see its PGI recognition. The seedlings are then transferred to our own land in the area of Sant’Anna, a few minutes from our plants. Here the constant monitoring and working canons, allow us to obtain a raw material, which is kilometer 0 and has been followed from seed to ripening. Our short and controlled supply chain is a guarantee towards us, because it lets us know the history of every chili pepper that enters our company, but above all, is a guarantee towards our consumers, who will always taste only the best.