We know that we are part of a culinary history that was written by our grandmothers, our farmers and all those who found an identity in our recipes.

Today we are the ones who keep writing this history, putting the same care and attention in our products as in the past, but with the imprint of the future. A constant monitoring of our supply chain and a state-of-the-art technological equipment allow us to offer a unique product of the highest quality.
Eating healthy and tasty is a today’s challenge, that we overcame long time ago.


To put the history of a land on the table, it is essential to select the best raw materials. Calabria guards an extremely rich and unique biodiversity.

Our seas embrace our mountains and together they give us unique products, such as our chili peppers. We have learned to choose them and grow them, and today we have achieved quality standards that allow us to process only the best.

Our products

…from the land of Calabria, to your table